Studio REDD is fascinated by nature, architecture, technology and the combination of these in total projects. Studio REDD puts this fascination into practice by enriching the outdoor lives of clients. The architects do this by designing exclusive gardens and roof terraces, with wellness as an expertise.

Exploring the client’s home, surroundings and lifestyle enables Studio REDD to connect these three elements powerfully. Design, functionality, comfort and responsible luxury are always top of mind.

At the core of the garden design process is the client. During the project, however, the client is left unburdened. This means that the architects arrange for a total project. Studio REDD designs your garden and takes care of the realization and direction. This includes advice on the exterior space design: from lounge sets and wellness, to audio systems and attractive pillows. Studio REDD uses sustainable materials, the latest technological functionalities and design products of excellent quality. Projects will be delivered turnkey.

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Our approach

Listening, designing and direction. In short this is Studio REDD’s approach.

It all starts with listening and understanding; the projects are not about Studio REDD, but about the dreams of clients. Then, the architects start working on the garden design. From a first draft until the final detail, these designs are further elaborated.

The final stage is directing the realization in such a way that Studio REDD’s clients are completely unburdened, even when it comes to details such as styling. This way, Studio REDD ensures that all wishes and dreams lead to a design that can be realized within the available budget.

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