Our method: a garden design in four steps

Studio REDD’s method is integral, broad in its expertise and unburdening. We have full control over the overall project. This means we have full control over a project, the organisation, the budget and of course the end result.

1. Inventory of the requirements

During this first phase, we ask a lot of questions. This allows us to discover everything about your way of life, what you like and what you value in a garden. We discuss atmosphere, but also functionality and maintenance. To start the design, we translate all these wishes into mood boards, with which we try to visually grasp the core of the atmosphere of which you’ve been dreaming. After all, the end result must suit you in all its facets, especially emotionally.

2. Connecting interior and architecture

With each design, we look for the connection between architecture and interior. Only when that connection is achieved, does a garden really come into its own, creating a natural relationship between the two. Allowing inside and outside to merge naturally.

3. Connecting to the landscape

The influence of the surrounding landscape is of great importance. This is sometimes referred to as Genius loci: using the ‘individuality’ of a location in a garden design. What is the character of the area? Which plants grow there and what is the condition of the soil? These aspects are also considered in the design.

4. Design and implementation integrated

To ensure the aesthetic and practical quality of our designs, we work with a carefully selected network of gardeners and suppliers. Under our supervision, they turn the quality of the design into a reality, paying attention to the smallest details. Our suppliers are part of our integral approach. Where necessary, they are therefore involved early on in order to get the most out of the cooperation and efforts. This allows us to monitor the practical feasibility and the budget at every stage of the project. Moreover, this assures you of trusted and experienced professionals at your location.

Everything taken care of

Our clients greatly value our qualities and the strength of our network of suppliers and partners. They deliberately opt for a carefree turnkey solution to their outdoor space. That is why we start each project with a fully prepared design, not stopping until the project has been completed down to the smallest details. From the design of the layout to the planting plan, the materials, lighting and furniture: all these aspects are part of the integral project.