About Us

Fascinated by nature, architecture and technology

Studio REDD was launched in 2009 by Richard and Daan. Their fascination for nature, architecture and technology joins them together during their studies at the Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. Driven by this shared fascination they decide to take a new step in their careers by setting up Studio REDD. In their first years, Richard combines this work with obtaining a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) Building Engineering. Daan works on a freelance basis for the municipality of Breda, where he gains experience with larger projects, such as the placement of the central train station in the existing city center.

The gentlemen say their successful goodbyes to the TU Delft and the municipality of Breda and they proceed building Studio REDD. The studio is now specialized in villa gardens, wellness and luxurious roof terraces.

Studio REDD has a clear and advanced vision when it comes to design. Whether it concerns a garden, interior or product, each design is unique in its own way. The client’s lifestyle, house, interior and surrounding landscape form the basis of the designs. New technologies, innovative design and developments in the area of sustainability are always top of mind and keep Studio REDD on their toes.

The advanced vision on garden landscapes and connecting the indoors with the outdoors has not been left unnoticed. Several clients, at home and abroad, know where to find the Studio.